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New Poll COMPLETELY Changes The Landscape Of The GOP Race


With four primaries tonight and Florida and Ohio coming up, a new poll has been released that flips the entire narrative of the supposed “frontrunners” in the race to become the GOP nominee for President.

For the last few months, while Trump has remained on top in polls, only Cruz and Rubio have exchanged 2nd and 3rd with everyone else far behind.

But this latest poll takes ALL of that and throws it right out of the window

WOAH! Is Kasich going to overtake Cruz now? What does this mean for the rest of the race? Are we going to have a contested convention?

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  1. George says:

    they constantly change poll numbers to disuade the voters and try to sway their votes. this is the main stream media and the establishment republicans way of trying to stop trump, dont believe this crap.

  2. La says:

    The WSJ poll has consistently understated Trump’s support and overstated their favorites Ksick and Cubio.. Trump will win FL and possibly OH… Winning either one pretty much ends it for the others. Only if he’s shut out of both will it allow all 3 of the other candidates to continue on. Trump still has double digit leads in most polls for FL with OH being within 5 points… How much will that change in 5 days? We’ll know after next Tuesday.