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New Poll Shows What Americans REALLY Care About – And It’s NOT GOOD

The number of Americans who say that terrorism is the most important problem facing the United States has doubled in just four days, following the terror attacks on Paris.

On the day of the Paris attacks, November 13, a Reuters poll found that 9.7 percent of Americans viewed terrorism as the most important problem facing the U.S. and 19.7 percent said that the economy.



On November 17—four days after the Paris attacks—the results are very different: the plurality of those polled, 20.5 percent, said that terrorism is the most important issue facing the country. Second to terrorism is the economy with 15.9 percent.

The poll comes amid heightened criticism about Obama’s plan to admit Syrian refugees to the U.S. ISIS, which has an operating hub in Syria, has claimed responsibility for the Paris terrorist attacks.


Here’s the problem. Obama’s solution is to bring a knife to the fight when the enemy is using guns, bombs, swords, suicide bombers, TNT, and… oh well, you get the point. Americans see that and aren’t happy with his decision-making skills. They want action, some sign of strength to make them feel safe.

Obama hasn’t provided it, hence these numbers rising!

What are your thoughts? Share them with me in the comment section below. Is terrorism at the top of your list too? If not, tell us what is.

H/T – Reuters poll