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New Poll Shows Huge Support For Trump’s Muslim Ban – Even Among Democrats


If herd mentality is present anywhere, it’s in politics. People who would otherwise analyze issues individually will adopt the party line without putting much thought into it.

Polling on support for Trump’s Muslim immigration ban is a perfect illustration of this:

Only 25 percent of Democratic voters favored the idea when it was presented as Trump’s proposal, but 45 percent supported a temporary ban of non-U.S. Muslims when the idea was not mentioned alongside the Republican’s name. The difference indicates left-leaning voters may be looking for a way to improve national security after recent mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris, France, but don’t favor the idea when presented by Trump.

Trump’s name didn’t matter as much for Republicans. For GOP voters, 71 percent of supported Trump’s plan and 72 percent supported the generic plan.

When everyone’s considered together, 50 percent of respondents favored the pause in admitting Muslims when it was introduced to them as Trump’s strategy to enhance national security, while 46 percent opposed it. But when Trump’s name is removed from the idea, 55 percent liked it and 40 percent didn’t.

H/T The Washington Examiner

Sadly, Trump has been so demonized by the media that liberals will oppose a policy simply because Donald Trump supports it. At least the rest of the American public isn’t buying it.

What do you think of Trump’s comments? In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks should America restrict immigration into this country?