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New Scientology Documentary Promises Full Disclosure

H/t New York Post

H/T: New York Post

Most people have heard whisperings about the strange religion cult called Scientology. It has been spoofed on TV, in movies, and of course, on the Internet. People know famous Scientologists, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. But HBO’s new documentary Going Clear promises to shed even more light on this strange movement.

If you don’t know, Scientology was basically little more than a way for founder L. Ron Hubbard — who was otherwise a genius as a science fiction author and a fan-favorite to this day — to get impressionable young babes to do ungodly amounts of drugs on his yacht in international waters. Either that, or to help people get off drugs. Or something.

Of course, Wikipedia has a short overview of the cult: Essentially aliens made humanity with volcanoes, nuclear weapons, and free stress tests. Therefore, you should give all your money to strangers and they will give you intimate knowledge about the aliens.

Our friends at Chicks on the Right have two clips from the past, one of L. Ron Hubbard himself, and one of Tom Cruise.

Mav—er, Tom Cruise, immediately legitimizes the cult by claiming that he can alter reality to his liking. Bizarrely, Cruise claims that unlike any non-Scientologist, he as a Scientologist will stop at the scene of an accident. Because no one else can possibly help, you see? You were probably totally unaware that every first responder since 40,000 B.C. was a Scientologist, especially since it wasn’t invented until the 1950s.

Cruise further claims that world leaders are just begging Scientologists to fix all the world’s problems, among other disjointed, incoherent ramblings.

From the reviews of Going Clear so far, HBO has once again delivered a top-notch documentary — but you’ll have to watch it for yourself. No spoilers here!

Also, in case you’d like a little more evidence of the reasonable, adult rationalizations for Scientology, take a look at any video on this YouTube search.

As always, if you’ve seen Going Clear, let us know what you think!