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New Speaker Paul Ryan Did This AWESOME Thing To Nancy Pelosi!


John Boehner had a decent relationship with Nancy Pelosi. While they didn’t always agree, he was not remiss to showing affection to her in public. This led to an optical nightmare and enraged many conservatives.

But things appear to be very different under the leadership of Speaker Paul Ryan. When Nancy Pelosi gave him the gavel and congratulated him, she attempted to give him a hug. But instead of embracing Pelosi, Ryan instead extended his hand for a more sterile approach.

There’s a new Speaker in town, Nancy. No more hugs!

What do you think this says about the direction of the new Speaker of the House? Please comment below.

H/T: Gateway Pundit



  1. Thomas says:

    If repubs hold the majority, why is She having ANYTHING to do with the Republicans change of ‘leadership’?!!

  2. Bill says:

    Boehner and Pelosi are both Alcoholics and Botox junkies, probably get their fixes together! Complete Loons!

  3. Rick says:

    I wouldn’t want to touch that crusty old bag of stupid.

  4. Carl says:

    I think this means the new DOG wishes to be taken seriously.

  5. Roger says:

    Bonner probably got a lot more from nancy in closed door meetings once he got her panties off so I’m not surprised……PERIOD…..KTN…..

  6. Irene says:

    I bet she got her supprised.