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New Video Of VIRAL South Carolina Student Classroom Removal Surfaces – It Was A Lie


On Tuesday, a South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy was placed on administrative leave after a video surfaced of him seemingly dragging a teenage girl out of her desk and body slamming her to the ground.

The original video can be seen below:

However, a second video from another angle has surfaced that many people are saying completely changes the story and justifies the officer’s actions.

In this new video, the female suspect can be seen kicking and actually punching the police officer as he attempts to stand her up. He then escalates his actions following the assault.

The girl in the video was asked to leave the school by a teacher and then by an administrator. After she refused to do so, the school resource officer, identified as Deputy Ben Fields, came to the classroom, and that’s apparently where the original video starts.

The situation leading up to the student being asked to leave is still in question. The student was ultimately arrested and charged with disturbing a school. She was released to her parent’s custody a short time later.

If you can’t view the Twitter embedded video, try clicking here.

Whether or not you believe this young lady deserved the outcome is your judgment, does watching it from another angle give you more clarity about what really happened?

Do you think the officer was excessive with the force he used? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.



  1. djbird17 says:

    That cop was fired and deserved it. This situation was handled is the worst possible way. The officer should have contacted the principle and the schools psch doctor should have dealt with her. That kind of outrageous abuse of authority was not warranted here!

  2. Rick says:

    loud mouthed black chick gets what she had coming to her and now she wants to sue. Fawk her.

  3. Trish says:

    This is the thing. Here in VA when you have a student like this they disrupt the entire class and no child is taught during that period. But it doesn’t stop here, it follows this student to every class they attend. If you are stuck dealing with that student, all other students educational needs are neglected. You can ask them to leave. If they cooperate that is good, but generally they do not. So you call their parent on the phone in your classroom, so they can try to talk to them. If they will get on the phone with their parent that is good. If the parent gave a real working number that is good. Sometimes parents falsify documentation and that leaves the school to deal with the child. That said it appears neither option here worked. At this point you call in the officer. The child has already refused to cooperate with the teacher or talk to the parents. So the child will likely refuse to go with the officer. Now he took this child down in the safest manner possible. See his arm wrapped around behind her head? He is protecting her neck because she became combative by refusing to leave. He also has his other arm up under her leg to manage impact. Once to the ground the girl still doesn’t give up. So he looks to his left sees that he has a clear run, and uses her pants leg and shirt to slide her across the floor toward the door. In each of these instances I don’t call that excessive force. I call it trying to deal with a non compliant student. The parents should have raised her better than this, but in todays society that is not the case. Parents not being parents is the norm, as is children who have no religious background. Both things mold a child and they are absent in today’s society in large numbers. So the officer did what he had to do. If this sort of issue were allowed to continue the parents of the other students would be screaming because their children are failing.