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New Year’s Eve TERROR Threat In NYC – Here’s How They Respond


New York is the mega-gathering place for rocking in the new year festivities in the United States. So many events, television coverage, confetti, weird outfits, and sadly to say terrorist threats.

A video terrorist threat against the city of New York was published online back in November detailing that a suicide bomber would be placed in the city to enact deadly violence against Americans. Mayor de Blasio has taken necessary steps to fortify the area, making sure things are on the up-and-up.

From the Reuters:

A six-ton crystal ball is ready to be lowered above New York City, colorful paper has been ground into confetti that will rain on Times Square and about 6,000 police officers will guard revelers on New Year’s Eve at one of the city’s highest-profile events.

“We are ready,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference on Tuesday. “We are the best prepared city in the country, the best prepared city to prevent terrorism and to deal with any event that could occur.”

An estimated one million people are expected in the vicinity of One Times Square on Thursday for the New Year’s Eve dropping of the ball, a tradition begun in 1907 and broken only during wartime blackouts.

In the aftermath of Islamist-inspired attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, the city will draw on its new Critical Response Command counterterrorism unit, which includes more heavily armed officers, to patrol Times Square. The unit, trained to detect and respond to attack plots, was commissioned days before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Officers communicating with smartphones and loud speakers will be empowered to shut down the event at any time and evacuate the area, Police Commissioner William Bratton said, adding that there were no known credible threats against New York City.

Watch the report here:

NYC is a gun free zone, so I’m sure it will be safe. But out of an abundance of caution, they have brought in a bunch of men with guns who can use them no better than the subjects NYC-style liberalism seeks to disarm.

Just remember, the terrorists hate us because we’re free.

H/T: ReutersTownhall

Will you be watching the ball drop in New York City from the comfort of your own home or will you be out in public areas? Share your plans in our comment section below.