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Newport News Officer Is Changing the Way People in His Community View Police, One Child at a Time


With all the negative media surrounding police officers in the mainstream media, this is one of the most refreshing stories we’ve seen! A rookie police officer, Zachary Lyons from Newport News, was captured in a video showing the kids in his community the inside of his cop car and all the cool things it could do. A mother of one of the children filmed the interaction and it’s gone viral.

Officer Lyons has an inspirational perspective on how to build a relationship with the people in his community.

“I think its what we need right now. Police sort of have kind of a bad rap…” Lyons said. “I’m not going to lie there may be small percentage that is not good cops but it’s up to the other officers that see that to look at them and you know, do something about it.”

Lyons says there are times where he’ll drive by young kids in his neighborhood and wave at people on the street. When they see him, they often don’t wave back. Even when he says hi, some of the children don’t even look at him. He wants to change that.

“The best thing you can do is just stay positive and hope that one day… maybe we can mend the relationship.”

“I’m just going to keep trying until I get a hello back.”

Watch Officer Lyons and the children below:



Share this beautiful act of kindness with your friends- maybe it will change someone’s perception of police!

Visit their page for more about the Newport News Police Department.