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News Alert! Major Shakeup In Presidential Race!!


It’s safe to say that the Democratic primary race has a new frontrunner, with Bernie Sanders taking his first national lead over Hillary Clinton!

From Breitbart:

Fox News poll, conducted jointly with Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), shows Sanders with 47 percent versus Clinton, who has 44 percent.

Sanders is up from 37 percent in January and Clinton is down from 49 percent.

The Fox News results arrive just one day after a CNN/ORC poll showed a mere one-point difference between Clinton and Sanders in the upcoming Nevada caucus.

Republican pollster Daron Shaw told Fox that he credits the change to a large defection among “blue-collar, white Democrats” from the Clinton camp. In contrast, Clinton has maintained support among black voters and those with a college degree, Fox found.

Clinton’s low rating on trust is is damaging. Asked whether Clinton “has the integrity to serve effectively as president,” 75 percent of Democrats said yes, but 55 percent of all voters say she does not. That result includes 64 percent of independent voters.

Should Hillary be worried? Share your thoughts below!!


Comments on “News Alert! Major Shakeup In Presidential Race!!”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Irrelevant. As long as Hillary can buy superdelegates, she’ll win the election. There is no democratic process in the Democrat Party.