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News Alert! New 2016 Polling Suggests New GOP Frontrunner!


After Donald Trump scored a major victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, new polling suggests Ted Cruz may be gaining ground in the upcoming Super Tuesday states!

According to a new poll conducted by Hendrix College, Cruz is now leading both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio by 4 points in Arkansas, 27-23%.

However, Trump still has as huge lead in Massachusetts, which is a much less conservative state than Arkansas, which would explain Trump’s strong showing there. The new Emerson poll has Trump at 50% followed by Rubio with 16%, Kasich at 13% and Cruz at 10%.

Is Trump still the frontrunner, or does Cruz’s lead in a more conservative state like Arkansas signal that he may be the new frontrunner? Share your thoughts below!!

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  1. Joseph says:

    ice, try, funny , TRUMP ALL THE WAY

  2. RWebber7 says:

    One Poll ???? Means nothing. I do notice though that a state ( Arkansas )….that seemed to love the lying Clinton political machine…..Now has another born Liar leading in this poll. The combined IQ in Arkansas is still in the single digits !