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What News Anchors Aren’t Telling Us about the Oregon Shooter – It’s Not What You Think


At publications across the country and across the web, writers and editors are taking a stand. No longer will the names and faces of evil gunmen be made infamous. Now, the names of the victims and of the heroes of mass shootings will pass the lips of anchormen more readily instead. In a CNN report of the shooting that took place yesterday at a community college in Oregon, the shooter’s name was never mentioned. Instead, the report focused on one of the heroes of the day, a young veteran who blocked a door, standing between his classmates and the gunman, and who took several bullets because of it.

It was the fourth day of classes for Chris Mintz and the rest of his classmates at a small community college in Oregon. It was also Mintz’s son’s sixth birthday. When gunfire broke out, the former combat veteran risked his life in order to protect the lives of his classmates. After being shot several times, Mintz told the gunman in a plea for mercy that it was his son’s birthday. The gunman showed none, shooting Mintz at least twice more.

CNN reported on the man who many are calling an American hero:

Even in the hospital, riddled with bullet wounds, Mintz was thinking of others.

“When I found out he had been transferred to the hospital, I immediately tried calling him,” said another cousin, Derek Bourgeois. “His ex-girlfriend was with him.”

“When I asked him how he was doing,” Bourgeois said, “he immediately said ‘people died’ and lost it crying.”

Comment below: Do you think the media’s refusal to utter the gunman’s name might prevent future mass shootings?