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Here’s the Praise Trump Gave Gingrich the Media Won’t Report

newt gingrich trump

GOP nominee Donald Trump finally responded to surrogate Newt Gingrich’s Tuesday night takedown of Fox News host Megyn Kelly. It was really one for the books if you ask me. I watched the replay after my radio show and you can easily see Newt was not happy with the direction Kelly wanted to go with the questioning.

Kelly needs to focus on what really matters and what is killing America for our children! Our national debt $20 trillion and growing, poor job growth, poor borders, illegal immigrants, ISIS expansion, Obamacare costs going up, not to mention Hillary’s 25+ years track record in the establishment of lies, cover-ups, corruption! Talk and inform America about that and not Trumps past!

Honestly, the exchange was all Newt’s winnings while Kelly didn’t have a leg to stand on. She’s been beating the Trump allegations for weeks but when Gingrich sat in that chair, that was it, game over.

newt gingrich trump

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump praised Newt Gingrich Wednesday for an “amazing interview” with Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly, in which the former speaker told Kelly that she is “fascinated with sex.”

The heated exchange on Kelly’s program Tuesday night ended with her suggesting Gingrich take some time for anger management.

Gingrich attended Trump’s dedication of his new hotel in Washington on Wednesday, and the candidate recognized him in the audience.

“Congratulations,” Trump said. “That was an amazing interview last night … We don’t play games, Newt.”

For his part, Gingrich said “that’s just the business” when he was asked by reporters about the exchange.

Gingrich, a Fox contributor interviewed Tuesday as a Trump surrogate, and Kelly began arguing when she asked him about allegations by several women that the Republican presidential candidate had groped them or kissed them against their will.

“You are fascinated by sex and you don’t care about public policy,” Gingrich said.

“Me? Really?” Kelly replied with a slight laugh.

Gingrich interrupted Kelly when she began a statement by saying, “if Donald Trump is a sexual predator.” He accused her of slapping that label on Trump. Kelly said she’s not taking a position on it, “unlike you.”

The exchange was a popular topic on social media, where — depending on the point of view of those posting — Gingrich either “schooled” Kelly or vice versa.

By mid-morning, Trump hadn’t tweeted about it. His social media director, Dan Scavino Jr., tweeted that the exchange shows Kelly “is totally biased against Mr. Trump and not very smart.”

People take their time out of their busy schedules to join these TV show hosts to be interviewed and Kelly should learn to respect them instead of trying to beat them up.

There are real issues that should be discussed. It’s interesting how WikiLeaks and secret audio tapes must be verified, but any accusation about Trump is automatically true. Fairness? She crossed the line. What kind of journalism is that?

Do you think Newt was right to shut Kelly down or should he have used more tact? Share your opinions about Trump’s response to the Gingrich/Kelly blow-up in the comment section below.

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