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Watch: NFL Player Allowed Women To Fight But If You Look Closely You’ll See This!

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I just happened to come across this video where I saw an NFL professional football player, standing between two women, looking like he was trying to calm the situation or potential altercation.

But after I watched it a couple of times, I saw something that many of you probably won’t see the first time. The football player gave the green light for both of the women to start fighting. Now I know Dante Fowler has said that he was embarrassed about what happened, but if you watch it closely he allowed it to happen. You will be able to see Fowler given the green light for both women to start fighting at the 0:09 mark of the video.

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Fowler later said in a statement, “I am embarrassed and have apologized for my actions to everyone involved,” reports TMZ.

“As a family, we have been dealing with this moment and the conflict that led to it since this occurred,” Fowler added. “The video surfacing is a sad reminder that emotions got the best of all of us. I take 100 percent responsibility for everything that happened.”

The Jaguars said in a statement: “Dante brought the incident to our attention prior to the video being released and was embarrassed and remorseful.”

Watch the video here:

So the NFL team was aware of the video and they were aware of Fowler’s breakdown of the incident, but this was his fault, make no mistake about it.

The Jaguars added the following statement after the video was released to the public:

“Violence of this type against others is unacceptable in our society and to our organization. We will continue to look into the incident while offering resources and providing support to Dante and his family to help them through this private matter.”

If you’re trying to break up two or three people from fighting at least attempt to do so, but you don’t urge the arguing parties to go at it. It’s a good thing that the cameras were rolling and caught everything on video or this might not have been reported.


What should happen to this NFL player question mark do you think he should face a steep fine, or a suspension or was his apology good enough for you?

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