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NFL Player Asked What He Was Thinking About After Game-Breaking Touchdown…


New Orleans Saints tight end Ben Watson played a major role in a big victory for his team. He set a career high with 127 yards receiving and a touchdown last night.

After the game, Watson thanked the Lord and touted his on-field prayer at the contest’s conclusion.

He posted this image to Facebook, accompanied by the message “No matter the opponent. No matter the outcome. #MeetYouAtThe50.”


In a post-game interview, Watson was asked to describe what was going through his mind when he caught a third-quarter touchdown pass and almost immediately fell to this knees. Again, he thanked God.

Via CNS News:

After the game, Watson was asked by NewOrleansSaints.com about what was going through his mind when he dropped to his knees after catching a third quarter touchdown pass from Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

“It’s been a rough season so far, again this is only two wins. But it’s thanking the Lord for the opportunity to play this game,” Watson said. “At this point in my career it’s very satisfying to come out an have a night like that in a very big win against a rival opponent, so just thanking the Lord for the opportunity.”

Listen to Watson talk about the moment …

It’s good to see NFL players openly crediting their religion and God for being blessed.

Comment:  What do you think when professional athletes thank God for their success?



  1. R says:

    Ben Watson is a man who knows fully who gives him his strength and his blessing!

  2. Bill says:

    Outstanding! God Bless him for knowing who is truly in charge – Jesus, our Lord and Savior!