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NFL Better Heed This New Poll Or It’s Only A Manner Of Time Before….

NFL Ratings

The war flag has been raised, the battle cry has been sung, get your house in order NFL or you are done.

San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s actions toward the National Anthem has turned off close to 44% of NFL fans. That percentage said they are willing to give up the sport if these protests continue around the league.

If you want to protest do it on your own time. It’s very simple, If you disrespect the National Anthem you don’t play that game and you don’t get paid. Problem solved.

Here is a graphic to show you just how bad it is right now:


From Newsbusters:

Two weeks ago, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said, as the Associated Press paraphrased it, that he “disagrees with Colin Kaepernick’s choice to kneel during the national anthem, but recognizes the quarterback’s right to protest.” Sunday night, Goodell seemed to go all-in with the players, telling AP (again, accurately paraphrased) that he “is encouraged by the direction players are taking with demonstrations related to the national anthem.”

The Commissioner might want to reconsider. For the second straight week, the NFL’s year-over-year ratings were down considerably, and, according to a poll discussed on Fox Sports, the antics of players from several teams during the national anthem represent a significant factor in that decline.

Here are the reactions of Brandon Katz at Forbes.com to the results after the league’s nationally televised Sunday and Monday night games (links are in original stories; bolds are mine):

(After Sunday night game)

NFL’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ Tumbles Hard In Ratings Yet Again

According to Deadline, the primetime portion of last night’s game scored a 13.7/22 in Nielsen’s metered market ratings as the Vikings went on to beat the Packers 17-14. Not only is that down 18% from last year’s ratings, it’s also a 9% dip compared to the SNF opener just last week.

Watch this great exchange between Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock below:

Whitlock gets it more than Cowherd. It’s like this we watch football and other sports to get away from stress and politics. we don’t want it brought to the field. I will continue to boycott the games on TV as long as this mess goes on.

I like many others are no longer interested in supporting millionaire brats who contribute nothing but disrespect for the country that gives them numerous opportunities in life. The NFL leadership is a bunch of spineless rich boys who live high off government tax breaks.

If it takes pulling support from the league and moving on to other things, then so be it. The players play the game but they do it for the fans or so they say. Without the fans, there’s no money and without money there’s no professional football. It’s that simple.

Are you still watching the NFL? Are you still part of the NFL fan club or have you stopped watching the games altogether? Share your experience below and let us know if you can   give up the sport until the protests stop.


Comments on “NFL Better Heed This New Poll Or It’s Only A Manner Of Time Before….”

  1. Mark says:

    I’ve stopped watching anything NFL, and so have most of my friends at the VFW.