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This NFL Star Is A GREAT Christmas Role Model For The Kids!


The NFL and their players have received a lot of negative press over the last few years, and rightly so. There was the Ray Rice video of him punching his girlfriend in an elevator, Adrian Peterson’s child abuse case, and Greg Hardy’s domestic violence arrest, among others.

So it’s always good to see a story about a professional football player making a difference in his community.

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson did just that,. Johnson took 12 needy children in Houston, where he formerly played, and gave them 81 seconds to fill up their shopping carts at the local Toys R Us.

The 81 seconds corresponds to Johnson’s new jersey number, and represent an extra second since he previously wore jersey number 80.

The kids wasted no time, including that extra second, amassing a bill that totaled over $18,000.

Via the Daily Caller:

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson dropped $18,030.25 buying Christmas gifts for needy children on Tuesday.

Johnson gave 12 children from the Harris County’s Child Protective Services, which serves the Houston, Texas area, a total of 81 seconds to grab as many gifts as they could, and at the end Johnson paid the massive bill.

This is not a new tradition for Johnson, who is truly one of the good guys in the NFL. When Johnson played for the Houston Texans he wore the number 80, and gave the children a total of 80 seconds. With the Colts he wears number 81, which accounts for the extra second this year.

Check out the chaos below …

Johnson told area reporters that he always looks forward to this event “because I am able to show my appreciation to my community and give back.”

While $18,000 may not seem much to the cynical, especially for a man making millions playing football, the fact is Johnson isn’t required to hold this charity event at all. And there are a lot of NFL players who don’t do such kind things with their earnings.

“I am just blessed to be in the position to be able to make a difference in the lives of these kids during the holidays,” Johnson said.

We’re quite certain those 12 kids are appreciative as well.

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