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NFL Star Retires To Do This! He Is A True Hero!

(Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann)

When sports stars retire, they often get a cushy gig on TV , run a philanthropy, or they just spend the rest of their life relaxing on their big pile of money.

Well, 8-year NFL vet Daryn Colledge didn’t feel like just sitting around. He decided to do something meaningful in his “retirement.”

Wow. Daryn reminds me a lot of Pat Tillman, the NFL star who gave up a promising career to serve, and eventually die for, our country. What a shining example he is for not just athletes but all of us! If after years of putting his body through the wringer he’s willing to go out and serve this great land of ours, what excuse do the rest of us have ?

Now Watch This:

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Comments on “NFL Star Retires To Do This! He Is A True Hero!”

  1. Barbara says:

    HOOAH! DARYN! SO PROUD OF YOU! AND YES IT ALSO MADE ME IMMEDIATELY THINK OF PAT TILMAN! YOU JOIN A BRAVE “FRATERNITY” OF SOLDIERS FOR OUR FREEDOMS! —— RIP DADDY, Semper fi, Korea, L.Cpl., Expert Rifleman; plus his older brother, WWII; Granddaddy Plunkett WWI – ground soldier, Germany; plus over 1,000 other VETS since the Amer. Rev. War and our 25 Plunketts who fought, suffered and some died in that war for our freedoms! Again Daryn, Thank you!