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What This NFL Star Said About Black Lives Matter Protesters Is Sure To Make Them Angry


New Orleans Saints star tight end and former Super Bowl champion, Benjamin Watson, recently voiced some harsh criticism toward Black Lives Matter protesters.

Watson told CNS News that the rioting and looting he witnessed in Ferguson, Missouri, was “embarrassing” and that “it turns you off.”

He told protesters that there is “no reason ever to steal because you’re upset.”

Via CNS News:

New Orleans Saints’ tight end Benjamin Watson says he understands the pain of protesters but that there is “no reason ever to steal because you’re upset.”

The outspoken Christian and author of “Under Our Skin – Getting real About Race” shared his thoughts with CNSNews.com on what happens when the media captures images of protestors looting and rioting as they did in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this year.

“It turns you off,” Watson said.  “That’s not just talking about white people – me being black – it turns me off.”

“When you see those images over and over again – it’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing to see those things and I can imagine it turns a lot of people off. It in many ways affirms the ideas you are trying to fight when you act in that way.”

You can check out Watson’s responses below …

To be sure, Watson has voiced his understanding of those who have protested in Ferguson. But on the topic of looting and rioting at least, he stands firm against the movement.

Comment: Do you agree with Watson that Black Lives Matter protesters were embarrassing when they rioted and looted in Ferguson?

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