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NFL Stepped In To Pressure Teams to Sign Michael Sam

In what may come as a big surprise and disappointment to those NFL players trying to fight and claw their way onto a practice squad, the league allegedly called team owners and pressured them to sign Michael Sam to their practice squad because he is openly gay.

Whereas liberals were concerned that he would not play in the NFL because of homophobic bigotry, the reality is that he actually got his job because of his sexual orientation.

Stephen A. Smith first broke the news during a First Take segment earlier this week.

Smith reported:

According to sources I have in the NFL, the league did call a few teams. They did want teams to take Michael Sam because obviously we see what kind of movement they’re gearing for, and what their support of Michael Sam, who we all know, came out, acknowledged he was gay before the draft and ultimately something Roger Goodell and the NFL supports and they want their teams to support. But other teams weren’t too receptive to taking him on once the St. Louis Rams cut him.

Smith’s report demonstrates that the league pressured owners on behalf of Michael Sam because he “acknowledged he was gay” and that is a “movement they’re gearing for.”

So when Tim Tebow was slowly losing opportunities in the NFL, why didn’t the league stand firmly behind an openly Christian player in the same manner? Or is that not a movement they’re willing to gear up for?

A second report has since bolstered Smith’s claims, as NBC’s Peter King told viewers that league officials had contacted multiple teams about Michael Sam, allowing the NFL to “avoid a nightmare situation.”

The nightmare situation presumably being that you can’t cut a gay player for any reason.

Should the NFL be picking and choosing who gets a job in their league based on social views?  Or should teams be able to stick to evaluating actual NFL talent based on their work on the field?



  1. Daniel says:

    Next if NFL (H.Q.) should STEP IN and pressure teams to sign Tim Tebow his shirt would say 15/ QB come’on guys. The PUBLiC loves tebow.

  2. Carol says:

    This is wrong. They need to choose their players with no unfair input. If they couldn’t support Tim Tebow in a fair manner then don’t try it with Michael Sams!!! There should be no unfair advantage here. Hire him on his merits not what his sexual interests are. His performance on the field is the only thing to be considered here. Nothing else.