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Nikki Haley Just Threw Two More GOP Candidates Under The Bus!


First South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley went after Donald Trump following the State Of the Union speech; now she just threw Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio under the bus as well.

When asked about Senator Ted Cruz, Haley said “You know I haven’t heard Ted say anything in terms of the religion. If he did I would say something about that,” which perked my ears a little as to who she’s supporting in this election.

Asked to gave examples, Haley listed several disagreements she has with the crop of GOP presidential candidates.

“Jeb Bush passed Common Core,” Haley said.

“Marco Rubio believes in amnesty,” Haley used as another example.

By the way, Haley said she’s available to be a vice-presidential candidate for anyone looking for one. I think she’s crossed off three lists already.

Check out the video here:

H/T – Matthew Smith

Will this be a question during the debate Thursday night? Do you think Haley has picked her candidate or is it still undecided? Share your views below and let us know what you are thinking about this breakdown.