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No One Pays Attention to the Flight Safety Videos… So Delta Did This!

You know you really should, but come on, how many of us ever bother watching the flight safety video before we take off?

Cute cartoons, music, jokes – nothing seems to convince us to sacrifice two precious minutes and learn how not to die in a fiery, terrifying airplane crash.

Well, Delta may have cracked it at last. And they are harnessing the power of the internet to do it.

Take a look at the video below. If you, like most Americans, waste hours every day on the internet, then you might recognize a few familiar faces. No, not celebrities, but ordinary people who’ve gotten big through internet memes and YouTube videos:

For example, we have the “Charlie bit my finger” kids showing us how to put on an oxygen mask. Doge the Dog is reading his safety pamphlet. And the assorted passengers all find time to do the Harlem Shake and the Ice Bucket challenge.

In fact, every internet sensation that’s gone viral over the last few years is crammed into Delta’s latest offering, perhaps so it can keep us guessing right until the end.

Take a look and count how many internet heroes you recognize and then let us know in the comments section below: