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No Way! Mother of a Man Who Died From Lighting a Firecracker on His Head Has an Insane Request!

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What was once a story of a tragic death has now turned into something utterly ridiculous that could only happen in modern America. Over the Fourth of July weekend, a man in Maine did the unthinkable while drunk: He set off a firecracker mortar from his head. Predictably, that led to immediate death. The Blaze reports,

Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking and setting off fireworks Saturday night in the backyard of a friend’s home in the small eastern Maine city of Calais, said Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety. Staples, 22, of Calais, placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, he said.

The firework exploded, killing Staples instantly, McCausland said.

His death is the first fireworks fatality in Maine since the state legalized fireworks on Jan. 1, 2012, authorities said.

Staples’ brother, Cody, told the New York Daily News that the incident was a freak accident when the lighter Staples was holding caused the firework to go off.

“I was the first one who got there. There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there,” Cody, 25, said. “It was a freak accident … But Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid. He was the kind of person who would pretend to do something stupid to make people laugh.”

Initially, my first reaction was this: “This poor family not only has to deal with the loss of a young man, but now has to put up with the world mocking the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his death.” That was until his mother stepped up and suggested legislation that would prevent something similar from ever happening. The Week reports on her request,

Police say that on the 4th of July, Devon Staples, 22, was drinking with friends in the town of Calais when the accident happened with a mortar tube. In the wake of her son’s death, Kathleen Staples wants to see lawmakers consider requiring safety training courses before letting someone use fireworks. “At least it’d be a little bit more than, ‘Here you go,'” she told The Associated Press. “That’s an explosive. They didn’t just hand me a license and put me in the car.”

Incidentally, his mother’s version of events differs from that of his brother. The Week stated the accident happened because “her son might have thought the explosive was a ‘dud’ that wouldn’t hurt him.”

As anyone in cities like Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York or Chicago can tell you, legislation can only go so far. Despite strict gun control laws in those cities, criminals always manage to get their hands on guns. Having grown up in a place where fireworks are illegal but plentiful, I can attest this is another instance in which those who want the product will not necessarily bat an eye at breaking the law to obtain it.

Would it have taken a safety course to instruct this young man that a mortar on one’s head around a lit match is inadvisable at best?

Comment below: Do you think a law requiring safety training for fireworks would have prevented this death?



  1. john78dru says:

    Clearly this kid was at fault….combining alcohol and dangerous fireworks… Duh = disaster waiting to happen….. Watch now the liberals will try to ban all 4th of July activities just like taking the Confederate flag off everything…. Boo hoo..bottom line this kid died bc he was stupid that’s all….

  2. Jen says:

    How ever tragic it is to loose a child you cant help but stop and think. We had ads all over TV don’t mix alcohol with fireworks and this is why. He was drinking according to the article. He did something Stupid and unfortunately paid for it with his life. Sad fact is you can’t legislate stupid. Stupid people will do stupid things. If we could legislate it imagine the 1000 page book and course you might have to take to buy a wooden pencil. She is speaking out of grief quit covering her grief and let it go at that. She will have to deal with the loss of a son who she didn’t apparently teach to know better.

  3. Jim says:

    This death,be it tragic, was totally an example of how alcohol and lack of true adult supervision is neccesary for proper use of fireworks. This incident was the reasons that products warning labels were implimented. Follow direction and recommended usage and most fireworks celebrations can happen without incident and be a happy occasion, now, this family has it’s 4th of july marred by the actions of an alcohol induced bad decision. Please, I beg you all, leave the booze till after the fireworks or get someone sober to handle them.

  4. Ernie says:

    Is is not what the lighter was to be used for….”the lighter caused the firework to go off”….and they think the lighter was defective???

  5. Judy says:

    No parent wants to think his/her child is capable of doing such a stupid thing as this. But—even with this mother being in denial (to some extent), common sense left when the booze took over. No sensible person would act like that.

  6. Ryan says:

    I am thinking a Darwin Award is in order, natural selection at it’s finest.

  7. susan says:

    There’s no one to blame for his actions!!

  8. Christopher says:

    Incidentally, there is a safety course for fireworks. It’s called common sense and it seems to have left this country altogether.

  9. Lindzey says:

    Common sense isn’t so common anymore…

  10. Chuck says:

    Dear Mother of the Idiot. You Failed to raise your child to be an intelligent human being. anyone who is NOT smart enough to know that this act was a serious threat to life and limb should get a Darwin award.

  11. Patricia says:

    Anyone with any common sense would know not to put fireworks any place on their body. I m sorry for the family s loss and pray for quick healing.