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North Carolina Drug Tested Welfare Users – Then This Happened!

Welfare has its share of problems, as I’m sure you’re all well aware.

Questions about how generous the system should be aside, it is still ridiculous when we see headlines about food stamp recipients using their assistance to purchase steak and lobster. People on food stamps are eating better than I am!

Another problem with welfare is those users who will likely never go out and find a job if we let them. Many of them are addicted to drugs and alcohol. So North Carolina did the obvious and began drug testing welfare recipients – and this happened:

State officials report that of the 89 applicants given the drug test, 21 of them tested positive. An additional 70 applicants who were told to take the test never showed up for their appointment and consequently never got benefits.

The law requiring drug testing of Work First recipients suspected of drug use was signed into law in 2013 despite Republican Governor Pat McCrory’s veto — his first such action.

Now, some results are in. The Macon Telegraph reports that of 7,600 welfare applicants, two percent were referred for drug testing. Nearly one quarter of those tested were found to have illegal drugs in their systems.

H/T Breitbart

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