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North Korea Has Just Done Something Terrible And Escalated Tensions Further!


North Korea is at it again. After a week where they threatened America and the world, they’ve decided to escalate tensions with this.


North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea, South Korea’s military has said.

It said the missiles, launched off the east coast, flew some 500km (310 miles) and fell into the water.

On Wednesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claimed scientists had developed nuclear warheads small enough to fit on ballistic missiles.

The North has stepped up its bellicose rhetoric in response to the UN imposing some of its toughest sanctions.

The move by the UN Security Council came after the North conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and last month launched a satellite. Both actions contravened existing sanctions.

Why do they continue to do this? North Korea seems to want war and destruction!

Here’s hoping we can set them straight!


Comments on “North Korea Has Just Done Something Terrible And Escalated Tensions Further!”

  1. George says:

    since they are puppets of china and russia, let them handle the problem. we do not need to stick our nose where it doesnt belong again.