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Not Satire: Mexico Building Border Wall


Would you believe that Mexico deports more illegal immigrants than the United States of America? That sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Between October 2014 and April 2015, Mexico apprehended 92,889 Central Americans, while the U.S. detained 70,226. Mexico even justifies their strict immigration policy on “preserving demographics” – a justification that would get an American branded a racist for life.

Now, as Mexico fights against Trump’s future border wall, they’re building one of their own. One of the largest newspapers along Mexico’s border with Texas is calling for a border wall with Central America, similar to the one being promoted by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.

The editorial board of El Mañana, one of the largest newspapers in the border state of Tamaulipas,  penned a piece called “Yes to the Border Wall … but in Mexico’s South.” The piece praises the idea of border wall, not on the border with Mexico, but on the border with Central America.

“Along the Mexican border peace and quiet came to an end, Central Americans played a large influence,” El Mañana’s piece claimed.

The Mexican border newspaper provides a controversial view on the Border Wall; which is one of the main topics in Trump’s campaign.

“Mexico’s southeast has two borders; one with Guatemala and one with Belize, that do not provide any benefit, but on the contrary only problems are brought by these crossing points that are being used for the new invasion. The one use by Central American’s looking for a way into the United States. ” El Mañana’s editorial board wrote.

One of the issues mentioned in the editorial piece points not only to the hordes of Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans that flock to Reynosa in an effort to get to the U.S., but also to the large number of Central Americans that are left in Mexico after deportation.

H/T Breitbart

And you know why they’re proposing this wall? Because illegal immigration is costly. They’d love to reap the benefits of sending their citizens into our country illegally, but when they get a taste of their own medicine, they adopt a Trump tactic.

This means they’ll be paying for at least one border wall.

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