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The NRA Just Made A MASSIVE Announcement About Trump!

Anti-Trump Establishment

The National Rifle Association, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, has just made their 2016 endorsement, and it is none other than Donald J. Trump! The announcement came during the organizations leadership forum in Louisville, Kentucky.

From Politico:

The National Rifle Association on Friday will endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to an NRA spokeswoman.

“Now is the time to unite. If your preferred candidate got out of the race, it’s time to get over it,” NRA executive director Chris Cox said Friday, speaking at the organization’s leadership forum in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We all know people who won’t be voting,” he continued, citing Adam Brown, a deceased veteran. “We owe it to Adam and people like him to get off our rear ends and get in the arena.”

Cox told the crowd that dishonesty, corruption and contempt for everyday Americans has hit its breaking point, warning that if Republicans don’t show up to the polls in droves this fall, “We will witness the end of individual freedom in this country.”

“That’s not hyperbole,” he added. “It’s the truth. But the first thing we have to do is get together.”

Cox acknowledged the differences among the 17 GOP candidates who ran for president, even noting that some reasons for favoring one candidate over another were valid. But none of that matters with Hillary Clinton in the White House, he said.

The NRA played a brief clip in which the Democratic front-runner said: “Here again, the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment, and I am going to make that case every chance I get. So I will need your help on that.”

The audio of Clinton’s remarks, which were recently resurfaced by the Trump campaign, was released last fall. The former secretary of state was speaking at a private fundraiser in New York and likely referencing the 2008 Supreme Court case District of Columbia v. Heller. The high court ruled then that a ban on handguns was unconstitutional, extending Second Amendment rights to federal enclaves.

“Think about that for a second: The Supreme Court said do you have the right to protect your life against a murderer in your own home, and Hillary Clinton says they got it wrong,” Cox said. “That’s how little she values our freedom and how little she values our lives.”

What are your thoughts on the NRA’s endorsement of Trump? Will it make a difference come November? Share your thoughts below! 

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