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Numbers Are Hard: Democrat Introduces 4 Word Plan That Has Only 1 Word

Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat running for Senate, has introduced what he calls a 4-word plan – a plan so radical that it actually consists of only 1 word … with 5 syllables.

Braley revealed the plan while discussing workforce development with Iowa manufacturers last week.

He announced that “I have four words for you that I think are key to workforce development for manufacturers.”

“And those four words are ‘col-lab-or-ation.'”

Take a listen …

Assuming Braley was trying to be cute by hinting that ‘collaboration’ is of such import to his workforce development plan, that it is the only word one needs to think about, doesn’t alleviate the level of idiocy on this one.

Try as he might, Braley can not mesh together enough syllables in the word to reduce it to four.


Braley’s gaffe calls to mind another famous Democrat’s Mensa moment: