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NY Times Runs Picture of Clinton Rally…. There’s Just One Problem


It’s come to this.

I think we all know that when it comes to voter enthusiasm – Hillary Clinton has none. This is most apparent in comparing the crowds that Donald Trump and Hillary draw.

NY Times

Trump has had over twice as many rallies from August to October and he’s attracted over 25 times as many attendees. The people voting Trump actually want to vote for him. In fact, of those attending Hillary’s rally, you have to include journalists in her attendee totals…. and Republicans.

The New York Times features a photo of Hillary Clinton being welcomed to an early voting site in Pompano Beach, Florida on Sunday…
Surrounded by screaming TRUMP supporters!

You know the wheels are falling off your crooked campaign when the far left NY Times publishes this—

NY Times

For the record, the Florida Trump protesters were shouting, “Lock her up!” when Hillary arrived.

How bad does it have to be for that to be the photo they run with?

It means they couldn’t find a single picture without anti-Hillary protestors in the shot! Share this post on Facebook and Twitter to show who’s REALLY winning this election!

H/T The Gateway Pundit


Comments on “NY Times Runs Picture of Clinton Rally…. There’s Just One Problem”

  1. David says:

    What ever happened to the concept of no electioneering near a polling place? Oh, yeah, we are talking about the woman who cares little for laws (which really are for the little people).