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Obama Embarrasses Himself on the Basketball Court Again

It’s as time-honored a tradition as the White House Easter Egg Roll itself. President Obama continued a stretch of horrible shooting performances on the basketball court this past weekend, making a brief appearance at the Egg Roll and promptly going 0-4.

Here is the basketball phenom in action (H/T Weasel Zippers)…

Obama gave it another shot at a game with a group of kids and members of the Washington Wizards, in which he went 2-for-5, making him 2-for-9 on the day.

The Washington Post somehow managed to find rare footage of the President making a shot, and surprisingly, despite shooting just 22% on the day, everyone acts like he’s on par with Kobe Bryant.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the President took part in an Easter shoot around to show off his skills. In 2013, Obama went a wretched 2-for-22 on the court, including shots that drew several cries of “brick house,” multiple air balls, sad attempts to move closer to the basket, and two missed layups.

The President eventually relented and handed the ball to a 10-year-old who promptly made his layup attempt.

Here’s a flashback of that performance…

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In 2014, the President managed to hit the third shot attempt at the Egg Roll and walked off the court before things got worse. At 1-for-3 and 33%, this was easily the President’s best Easter basketball performance.

It’s little surprise however, that Obama struggles at sports that involve coordination, and the art of shooting or throwing a ball, with a form like this: