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America’s Pissed After Obama Forced Transgender Bathrooms On Us!

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Sorry, but liberals don’t get it. Your sex is determined by DNA and you only have one set of sexual organs. If your feelings are fluid, you might have issues and will probably need to seek help. This whole notion of “transgender” is a misnomer at best. One will never be able to change DNA in spite of how many surgeries are involved. Psychiatrists need to be forthcoming and treat people with these issues appropriately.

This trans bathroom issue is something created by the liberal agenda in the last waning minutes of Barack Obama’s presidency to destroy the values and traditions we hold so dear. Well, Americans that use common sense aren’t happy about it and they don’t accept the idea of trans bathrooms or another word they are using for it, friendly bathrooms.

There’s nothing friendly about having your daughter be followed into a public bathroom by a man who doesn’t belong there. America is sick of Obama’s trans-whatever policies and based on these poll results, they don’t want him sticking his nose into our business.

From Washington Times:

A majority of Americans in a new poll say they oppose President Obama’s order telling schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding with their gender identity, rather than biological sex.

Fifty-one percent of adults said they are against the decision, compared to 33 percent who are in favor and 16 percent who are undecided, according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released on Tuesday.

Parents of elementary and secondary school children are even more opposed to the mandate, which puts federal education dollars at risk for noncompliant schools. Fifty-five percent of parents with school children said they oppose the order, while 32 percent said they support the decision.

Americans also overwhelmingly believe the federal government should not be involved in regulating school bathroom access, with just 24 percent supporting regulations issued from Washington. Another 25 percent said the matter is best left to state governments, while a plurality, 41 percent, said it’s a matter best left to the local government.

I don’t think people are concerned about the transgenders, but there are men who will take advantage of this as well as women. The law says if one (general) identifies as a female then ANY MALE dressed as a woman, or in regular male clothing, has a RIGHT to be in the woman’s bathroom without any legal ramifications, just their word alone allows them access to all public facilities such as bath/locker and fitting rooms!

Now that this law has been made public, do you know how many perverts will take advantage of this law at the expense of genetic females? That’s what many people ARE worried about, people taking advantage of the law.

What are your thoughts on trans bathrooms? Do you support the Obama agenda or do you stand with the participants who took this poll who said they are against this idea? Share your opinion below in the comment section add this story to your Facebook wall.