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Obama Gets Lowest Ranking In History On THIS List


President Obama has had several less-than-flattering distinctions during his White House tenure.  Previous polls have shown him ranked by Americans as the worst president since World War II, for example.

Now however, Obama has a distinction never before held by a sitting U.S. president – and it’s not good at all.

In a list of the “World’s Most Powerful People,” Obama ranked third. Which doesn’t sound too bad at first, until you realize this is the first time any active American president has been knocked out of the top two.

Via the Free Beacon:

President Obama ranked third in the Forbes “World’s Most Powerful People” list released Wednesday, the first time the sitting U.S. president has ever not ranked No. 1 or 2 in the annual survey.

For the third straight year, Russian president Vladimir Putin was listed at No. 1, but German chancellor Angela Merkel came in at No. 2. CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King expressed surprise at Obama’s standing while the show’s panel interviewed Forbes‘ Luisa Kroll about how the magazine came up with its list.

“That’s the first time since we’ve been doing the list that any U.S. president falls out of the top two spots,” Kroll said.

Kroll explained that leaders are ranked by the “use of power” and the “spirit of influence.”

Considering President Obama has failed to use American power to help stabilize situations in the Middle East, and his influence has waned in the eyes of other world leaders such as Putin, it’s no surprise that he achieved the historic low on this list.

Also, is it any wonder that this guy and this woman:

Capture     Capture

Are considered more powerful than this guy?

Capture     Capture

We didn’t think so either.

Comment:  Is President Obama viewed as weak on the world stage?  Why do you think the role of Commander-in-Chief has diminished during his time as President?