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BREAKING: Obama Involved In Yet Another ISIS Cover-Up!

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How many of you would raise your hands to agree with me when I say ISIS is getting smarter and bolder, while Barack Obama is getting dumber while hiding the truth. Hey, America, this is what you get with a leftist government, like Venezuela, that is more concerned about brainwashing it’s people than concerned for their welfare and goodwill.

There are conflicting reports from ISIS and NATO on how the terrorist group has killed an American commander. ISIS has taken responsibility while NATO denies the claims. Which┬áside does our government fall on? What will Obama do to find out what happened? What if it did happen and the administration keeps the information from us so the enemy won’t be emboldened?

You have to think like that when it comes to this disease-infested administration.

From Mirror:

NATO has denied ISIS’ claims it has assassinated a U.S military commander in Kabul.

A statement put out by the terror group’s Amaq news agency said it had killed the commander with an explosive device along with two Afghan officers.

But the NATO-led Resolute Support mission later said no-one was killed in the attack.

A statement said: “There is no truth to any claims that a U.S. military commander was killed in today’s Kabul explosion, several ANA members were wounded only.

The Taliban have also claimed responsibility for the attack, which is said to have taken place near the US embassy and the Afghanistan’s national court in Masoud Square.

‘Sticky bombs’ are magnetic explosive devices that stick to metal – often placed on the underside of cars.

Separately, authorities on Monday confirmed the Taliban have overrun a police headquarters in the Dahna-e-Ghori district in northern Baghlan province.

There was no immediate word on casualties in Baghlan. The Taliban are claiming they killed and captured “many” policemen.

The bomb is said to have been attached to a military vehicle before it was detonated.

Why do I think there is a cover-up? Remember how the books were cooked to make it seem like the war against ISIS was going well and it wasn’t? Watch the video below:

I never believed in the United States being totally isolated from the world. But in this cycle of global confusion, it might be best to allow the herds of ignorance to cull themselves worldwide and protect our culture and beliefs. Americans being picked off or minimal troops being sent as a sacrifice is insanity. If you want to kill the beast, chop the head off and be done.

This reminds me of Vietnam where definite orders and a clear reason and ending to conflict was made clear. Time to protect our borders and way of life from the ignorant, the insane, and those who would infiltrate and kill.

Do you think ISIS is telling the truth and Obama and NATO are lying to the American public? Share your analysis below and give us an idea about what you are thinking.


Comments on “BREAKING: Obama Involved In Yet Another ISIS Cover-Up!”

  1. Barbara says:

    I have had my fill of this jack arse of obama, If all this is true someone take him out now. He is following the UN orders to destroy this country along with Soros. they are criminals. YOu people better wake up or we are going to get one of our nuclear bombs that may already be in Turkeys hands. And why haven’t we heard anymore news about Turkeys American base where our guys and families along with our nukes that now the Turkes wants us to give them.!!!!!