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Obama Just Gave Americans THIS Election Day Scare!


Of all the times to pull a fear tactic, the Obama administration decides to throw out a terror carrot months before the election? You have to ask yourself why? Why would this administration choose to do this knowing it will have very concerned citizens on the edge of their seats wondering worst case scenarios.

One of the primary reasons I never voted for Obama or supported anything that he’s done is because he’s inexperienced and weak. He’s never focused on having the best interests of the United States as a top priority since he got “selected” into office.

Now we have to deal with the idea there would be a major attack on US soil before the 2016 election? If we are, I will fully blame the administration and no one else.

From Newsmax:

At a Washington, D.C., press breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Newsmax asked James Clapper if he felt ISIS or al-Qaida was targeting the U.S. before the election with the possibility of influencing the outcome.

“Whether or not they might do something that might have a bearing on the election, well, they could — particularly if they do something in this country,” he replied.

It would probably have some impact. It’s kind of an imponderable but it could certainly influence how people vote in this election.”

As to whether the terrorist groups might prefer Trump to help rally jihadists, Clapper said: “I cannot point to any evidence that would indicate a preference on the part of ISIS as to who is elected in our presidential election.”

Clapper said he was concerned about some of the rhetoric in this year’s presidential campaign, however.

“Certainly you worry about rhetoric on the campaign trail,” he said. “I think the history has been that once a president is inaugurated and is in office and realizes the burden and the responsibilities of the position, I think that has a tempering effect on anyone. I think it will here regardless of who’s elected.”

The Newsmax journalist interjected Donald Trump’s name into the conversation as a reason for the possibility of attack, and Clapper didn’t mind going along with the questioning but let’s get this straight. Obama has had close to eight years of a real bad administration and thank GOD it’s almost over.

He hasn’t made a lot of friends, and if he has, they were our enemies who remain our enemies. I will support Trump if he’s nominated and pray it’s not too late to right this ship which has been destroyed by Obama’s fundamental transformation.

What do you think of Clapper’s prediction? Do you think something will happen before the election? Share your comments below and let me know what you are thinking.



  1. omaramike says:

    i see only two reasons any of the terrorists could expect to profit from a suicide attack pre-election. one is to provide an almost believable excuse for their brother Obama to declare marshal law for our own good so he can eliminate the tiny bit of the constitution he hasn’t already destroyed. The other is if the criminal in the whit house has disarmed enough of the citizenry to give any terrorist attack a reasonable chance to be sustained long enough and produce enough civilian casualties to be foisted off as a success. Again followed by martial law to protect us unarmed Americans. Either way the only real benefit goes to Obama even though he has brought us down to the point this whole scenario is possible. Let’s thank the DNC, the Rino NC and the Treasonous Obama / Arab Brotherhood for working so hard to make this all possible. There is another major soft target available in Ameria that is almost impossible to pass up. Due to the stupidity of our politicians America’s military is effectively unarmed when in their bases. America’s Armed are unarmed and open to massive loses in a hit and run attack. Politicians suck.

  2. Norm says:

    Obama would love to see Black Lives Matter riots so he could extend his horrible time in office by declaring Martial Law. Congress gave him the power to do that all by his little self. They MUST void that total power NOW.

  3. Bill-B says:

    ww111 starts when Russia, Iran and Israel size up against each other. We will be drawn in, when just like Japan and the invasion of Pearl Harbor, we are attacted, but this time from within. Mexico will break up, part to the Cartels and part to the Mexican Government. The Mexican Government will try and enlist the American Military, whom Obama has decreased in size, making it difficult to protect The United State with out an emergency draft nessarily mandated, which Obama will oppose. He will call for martial law to enforce his open boarder policy.