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Obama Kept This MASSIVE Syrian Migration Number Quiet Until Now!


Between 2012 and August of 2015, approximately 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the United States via either work, study, or tourist visas.

The potential for terrorists to have infiltrated those numbers and be at large in America dwarfs the number that could infiltrate the proposed wave of refugees from United Nations camps.

This is supposed to be the most transparent administration ever but everything they do is done in secret. When anyone tries to get information from the Obama administration they shut you down and block requests for release of records.  When you do get the records everything is blacked out or marked “classified.”

According to Fox News, Jessica Vaughan, of the Center for Immigration Studies, states the obvious, “The sheer number of people arriving on all kinds of visas and with green cards, and possibly U.S. citizenship, makes it impossible for our counter-terrorism authorities to keep track of them all, much less prevent them from carrying out attacks or belatedly try to deport them.”

Ira Mehlman, of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said, “It is highly unlikely that the 102,313 Syrians who were admitted over the past three years were effectively vetted. Even in countries where we have a strong diplomatic presence, the sheer volume of background checks being carried out precludes the kind of thorough vetting that is necessary.”


Regarding the concerns pertaining to the proposed refugees, Mehlman said that a country in veritable meltdown, like Syria, has no way of providing reliable documentation of its citizens.

“All civil order has collapsed, and meaningful background checks are impossible,” he said. “Instead, we rely on cross-checking databases. However, many people with ties to terrorist groups are not in any databases, which means there is no way we can identify them before they arrive here.”

I watch the news consistently and this is the first time I have heard of 100,000 refugees entering this country.  Our government does everything covertly.  It’s time to get rid of all of them.  This started under Hillary and I wouldn’t be surprised if Huma was doing the selection.  The left doesn’t want Christians coming in because they are not likely to vote for them.  It’s pretty sick that there are people who would rather endanger us than lose power.

H/T – Fox News

Were you shocked to learn that many Syrian refugees were here in the U.S.? What are your thoughts about that development? Share your views and comments below.