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Legendary Conservative Says Obama Is Like THIS Star Wars Character


Anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist recently used a Star Wars reference that seeks to explain gun control to even the more simple-minded liberals amongst us.

After the White House used Stormtroopers during a press briefing a couple of weeks back, Norquist pounced on the opportunity to use Obama’s fascination with Star Wars, explaining the President would actually be the bad guy in the gun control debate.

The Sith Lord, no less.

First, he tweeted the following:


He then added:

Via the Guardian:

The anti-tax activist Grover Norquist has waded into controversy over President Obama’s attempt to bypass Congress on gun control, with an invocation of Star Wars’ evil empire.

On Saturday, Norquist tweeted: “To understand what Obama wants in our future … Watch the Star Wars movies and imagine that only the storm troopers have guns.”

The day before, Obama said he would meet attorney general Loretta Lynch on Monday to discuss the use of executive actions as a way to bypass the Republican-controlled Congress and tackle “our epidemic of gun violence”.

You can watch a news report on Norquist’s comments below …

According to the Guardian, Norquist even attended a think tank event dressed as Darth Vader.

Comment: Is the Star Wars-gun control analogy appropriate? Does gun control allow only criminals to access guns while law-abiding citizens are stripped of their Second Amendment rights? Tell us your thoughts below.