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Here’s What Should SHOCK You From Obama’s Louisiana Speech!

obama louisiana

After a relaxing sixteen day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Obama finally returned to the White House Sunday. Less than a week into that vacation, Louisiana began experiencing flooding, leaving 60,000+ homes damaged, and at least thirteen dead. Did Barack Obama, the man who once criticized George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina, cut his vacation short to spring into action?

He did find time to hold a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton during that vacation – but he couldn’t be bothered to take time to visit Louisiana. Even after returning from vacation on Sunday, it wasn’t until Tuesday that he actually visited the state to speak. Donald Trump beat him to it by a mile. Despite all those hounding Obama for his delayed response, he didn’t appear to see the irony when he spoke about the urgency of dealing with the flooding.

If Obama had ditched his taxpayer funded two-week vacation and shown up in Louisiana immediately after the floods hit, it would’ve appeared presidential.

That wasn’t the case.

Tuesday, 44 arrived simply for the photo-op. He wanted to appear presidential, but since Trump showed up first he just looks foolish now.

Yeah – it’s not a photo-op issue… which it why he should’ve been here a bit sooner, no? The people of Twitter quickly took him to task for his comment.

Meanwhile, Hillary doesn’t done more than Tweet about Louisiana (which was likely written by an intern anyway).


Democrats can’t claim to be the “Party of the people” when their actions clearly prove otherwise.

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