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Obama: When You Get Disrespected Like This On World Stage, You’re Done!

obama philippines

Most world leaders understand what Democrats here in the United States refuse to admit: Obama is an empty suit. He’s a far left-wing whack job without a clue of how things work and he’s been doing nothing but messing¬†stuff up since day one.

The King has no clothes and the world sees it. Nobody legitimately likes him and more importantly nobody respects him. They know he has a more vested interest in the success of Iran and ISIS than he does his own country.

He is a traitor but a master of pushing radical left wing ambitions. He’s more concerned with climate change while genocide is occurring and wars are being waged by Islamic jihadist all over the world. I predict he will live outside the US after he is done, because he is despised so badly and despises America in return.

Here’s what the Philippines President said about Obama before he went to the G20:

obama philippines

From CNN:

Another country that has expanded its power base by thumbing its nose at the United States — Russia — also grabbed the spotlight during the G20 summit. Obama and President Vladimir Putin were pictured on Monday locked in an unfriendly stare, clearly with little love lost between them.

“Typically, the tone of our meetings are candid, blunt, businesslike –, and this one was no different,” was how Obama described it to reporters.

He referred to “gaps of trust” over Syria, warned that the US has “more capacity” both “offensively and defensively” when it comes to cyber espionage and stressed that the US has no intention of easing sanctions against Russia over its action in Ukraine.

The tough talks were a reminder that the “reset” of Russia relations that Obama pioneered at the start of his administration is now but a memory, while Putin has also taken advantage of chaos in the Middle East to reinstate Russian influence with Syria and Iran.

This is a sad time for America but it’s good to see the world finally realize what a useless piece of furniture Obama is. He has embarrassed this country and humiliated her people. Now if only we could find a cure for liberal brain disease the Democrats just might wake up too!

The American people that voted him in (provided it was even legit based on what we know now about our rigged systems) got duped by this suit. Obama is on par with Wall Street ponzi schemes in my mind. He took us for a ride, and lived lavishly at our expenses while pretending to lead. It’s time to reclaim balance, liberty and justice for all, and in God We Trust! We have an opportunity here…let’s not waste it on more of the same.

What do you think of the world dissing Obama including the Philippines President who called him a “son of a bit**?” Share your analysis with me below in the comment section.



  1. Malissa says:

    I CALL IT LIKE I SEE IT. obama has done nothing for the american people. he has continued to destroy the relationship between all races. To me it seems like he is trying to cripple the US so he can lead the fight against us when he leaves his post……..America has went back in time 30+ years in the last 7.5 years with no progress. He loves to ABUSE his powers and he uses his pen a lot. Where does it end??????? It ends when America says NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOGETHER WE STAND….DIVIDED WE FALL………………GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AmericanBelle says:

    Putin got a red carpet welcome with diplomats and officials; Obama had to crawl out of the belly of his plane because no one was there to greet him, no one pulled out the movable staircase, and there sure as heck was no red carpet! Sentient Americans (i.e., conservatives) aren’t the only people on the planet who see through this Kenyan in Hawaiian clothes. January can’t come soon enough.