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Obama Doesn’t Want You To Hear His SECRET Plan For Muslim Refugees!

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Barack Obama continues to skirt the law while doing things without repercussions or consequences. The power of the White House has become something only a king would be jealous of. Obama is allowing more and more refugees into this country without being checked or vetted.

This is all intentional too, because Obama is out to destroy America! So sad to see Congress allowing it too!

We have more people on welfare in our country since Obama has been in office, we also owe more money than any time in history. We can’t afford these refugees nor should we. Congress should step up and make a public spectacle about this immediately.

From CNS News:

The Obama administration’s decision to allow more refugees, particularly from Syria, into the United States in 2017 shows that the president is ignoring warnings from his national security officials that terrorists cannot be adequately screened out and is “creating national security risks,” said House Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)

Chaffetz chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Goodlatte chairs the House Judiciary Committee.

In a Sept. 22 letter to Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson, the Republican chairman said, “The President’s decision to increase overall refugee resettlement — and specifically that of Syrian refugees — ignores warnings from his national security officials that Syrians cannot be adequately vetted to ensure terrorists are not admitted. Revelations about fraud, security gaps, and lack of oversight have demonstrated that the program is creating national security risks.”

The actual document reads: “The Immigration System is a constant target for exploitation by individuals who seek to enter the United States and who are otherwise ineligible for entry based on security grounds. The Refugee Program is one such avenue in which ineligible aliens seek to enter by fraud.”

“ICE’s Refugee Program is particularly vulnerable to fraud due to loose evidentiary requirements, where at times, the testimony of an applicant alone is sufficient for approval,” reads the document. “As a result, a range of bad actors, who use manufactured histories, biographies, and other false statements, as well as produce and submit fictitious supporting documentation, have exploited this program.”

Young people will continue living in their parent’s basement eating Cheetos with their college diploma hanging on the basement wall if they vote for Hillary. At least Trump puts the country first not last, and he doesn’t have a globalist Socialist agenda like Hillary Clinton.

Obama is a total failure. He is campaigning on a new operation now called DIVIDE AMERICA. He’s trying to keep us apart and in danger, with the overflow of Muslim, he continues to praise. I bet you dollars to donuts you’ll never see refugees living beside the Obamas when they leave office.

Do you think Obama is once again trying to be super sneaky with these refugees entering our country? Do you think Obama made an agreement that forces him to do this? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

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