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Obama-Supporting Millionaire Floyd Mayweather Claims He Would Have Made MUCH MORE… if He Were White! (VIDEO)

Famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, who once said he would want President Barack Obama to carry his boxing belt to the ring, is known for earning record-breaking paychecks for boxing matches.

But in a recent interview, he was determined to play the race card. He believes that he would be far wealthier if he weren’t black:

Floyd Mayweather is the only athlete other than golfer Tiger Woods to top $100 million in pay from his sport. Estimates suggest Mayweather is worth around $295 million. It should be noted that both Mayweather and Woods are black.

Additionally, Joe Calzaghe, a white world famous undefeated boxer, was worth $22 million when he retired.

Regardless of all of this, Mayweather referenced Ferguson in a recent interview when he claimed he should be worth billions and would be if only he were white. He bluntly says boxing is racist towards him because he’s black and is only paid hundreds of millions.

via Liberty News

Is he saying boxing is racist until they decide to pay him billions…. instead of hundreds of millions? Incredible!

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