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Obama’s VA Just Got Caught Disrespecting Our Vets Again!

Obama VA

Aside from war, the Veterans Administration could very well take credit as being the second largest killer of members of the armed forces. According to the VA’s Inspector General report, 307,000 veterans had died waiting for care (though not all were requesting healthcare services).

The VA’s healthcare system is basically socialized medicine for veterans (and liberal Nobel laureate Paul Krugman even once defended it as such). And how has it worked out?  Wait times are notoriously long, with one facility in Phoenix having veterans waiting an average of 115 days just for an appointment.

After Congress came up with a $10 billion fix in the form of a program called “Veterans Choice,” wait times actually increased, with there being 70,000 additional appointments that took at least a month to be seen compared to the year before.

That all being said, would you believe that it’s a VA employee behind what’s been branded the “worst charity for veterans“?

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, a zero-rated charity that was the object of a CNN report in mid-May, has closed its doors for good, according to one of the charity’s executives.

In an email to CNN, David Kaufman, the charity’s vice president, says the Veterans Foundation “has severed all ties” to the organization’s president, Thomas Burch, who along with serving as president of the charity also has a full time job as a government lawyer with the Veterans Affairs agency in Washington.

“Tom Burch has resigned from the Foundation and NVVF is shutting down completely,” Kaufman wrote in an email to CNN. “All fundraising has ceased and the only thing being done is the distribution of blankets, personal care kits and related items in the warehouse.”

In CNN’s original report, the watchdog group Charity Navigator gave the Foundation zero out of four stars. According to its public tax returns, called 990s, the Foundation took in $29 million over a four-year period but nearly all of it went to telemarketers and fundraisers. In one year, the charity also paid a parking garage bill of nearly $8,000.

When CNN’s Drew Griffin approached the charity president outside his home in suburban Washington and tried to ask questions, Burch sped away in his vintage Rolls Royce rather than stopping to answer.

The VA, through a spokesman, said it had been unaware of Burch’s job as the president of the charity. In an email, VA spokesman James Hutton said Burch was still employed as a staff attorney but that an internal investigation, conducted by the agency’s Office of Inspector General, was still in progress.

According to one estimate, only two cents on the dollar were actually spent on aid to veterans. That’s impressive insofar as it makes the Clinton Foundation’s ten cents on the dollar seem generous by comparison.

They are currently subject to multiple FBI investigations (because Hillary can’t go a day without being subject to some sort of Federal investigation) so who knows, maybe they’ll be next to be shut down.


Do you think the VA should be privatized so America’s veterans can get the care they deserve? Share your thoughts with us below!