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Obama Knows The VA Is Hurting, So Why Did He Just Do This?

Obama VA

Barack Obama just rejected reforms to the Veteran’s Administration because he didn’t want the head of the VA checked by another board of qualified individuals dedicated to making the call of helping our veterans.

Obama will go down in history as one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had. Obama hasn’t done one thing right since he was elected – why did we think he’d come through on this? He’s a liar, a coward, a racist, and a bully. And that’s the good parts.

They should just do away with the VA as it is another government run debacle! The veterans should be issued insurance ID cards and be able to go to any doctor or hospital they choose! It is a proven fact anything our government touches is a loosing proposition!

Obama VA

From Washington Free Beacon:

President Obama is disputing a recommendation to change the governance structure of the Department of Veterans Affairs network of hospitals, saying it would undermine the authority of bureaucrats overseeing the agency-run facilities.

The proposal was one of several included in the final report of the Commission on Care, an independent panel established by Congress to examine the VA’s hospital network after veterans were found to have died waiting for care as agency employees kept secret lists to conceal long appointment waits in 2014.

Obama sent a letter to Congress on Thursday reacting to the commission’s final report of recommendations, which the Washington Free Beacon first reported in July. While he agreed with the majority of the commission’s 18 recommendations, Obama expressed “concerns” about establishing a board of directors responsible for the overall governance of the VA health care system.

“I have concerns with the Commission’s proposed governance structure for the VA health care system,” Obama wrote. “The proposal would undermine the authority of the Secretary and the Under Secretary for Health, weaken the integration of the VA health care system with the other services and programs provided by the VA, and make it harder—not easier—for VA to implement transformative change.”

You know what gets me is that the community agitator is all of a sudden an expert on so many things. He always seems to know better than anybody else. Yet his ideas, like Obamacare, when implemented, are flops. How can this be? I’ve worked with jerks like this back in the day where you let them do their thing and you’re over there the next day tearing their crap apart and doing it over the right way.

How many of you think the VA shouldn’t be controlled by the government? Do you think as long as government is in the way things will never get fixed? Share your analysis below in the comment section and tell us what you would do.