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Disgrace: While Obama Waffled, Iran Does THIS To American Heroes


If you were brave enough to sit through President Obama final State of the Union dog-and-pony show, then you may have heard the chilling news that 10 American sailors were seized by the Iranian navy last night.

These are the guys who Obama concluded a nuclear deal with last year, assuring the American people as he did so that they could be trusted.

Thankfully, the Americans have now been released, but there is no disguising the fact that this was a humiliation.

How bad was it? First, the sailors were forced to their knees:


They had their passports seized:


They had their boots removed.


And the single female amongst them was forced to weir a veil:


Whoever succeeds Obama as President, lets hope they have the guts to restore American dignity on the world stage!

Now Watch This.

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