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Where in the Constitution does it give the government the authority to force U.S. citizens to buy anything? ObamaCare has one mission only, helping the insurance industry make even more money.

Everyone knows ObamaCare was a flop. Some people just don’t want to accept Barack Obama was a bad president who took credit for all things that went well, but said it was America’s problem when things went bad. Hillary Clinton will continue this trend.


From The Hill:

A new wave of failures among ObamaCare’s nonprofit health insurers is disrupting coverage for thousands of enrollees and raising questions about whether regulators could have acted earlier to head off some of the problems.

Four ObamaCare co-ops have failed due to financial problems since the beginning of the year, the latest trouble for the struggling program.

The co-ops were set up under ObamaCare to increase competition with established insurers, but just seven of the original 23 co-ops now remain. The latest round of failures poses an even thornier problem than earlier cases because enrollees’ coverage is now being disrupted in the middle of the year. That can increase patients’ out of pocket costs and make it harder to keep the same doctors.

In Illinois, Oregon and Ohio, a combined total of about 92,000 people are being forced to find a new plan. A co-op in a fourth state, Connecticut, will last until the end of the year.

The Obama administration acknowledges there are extra problems when a co-op shuts down in the middle of the year. At a Senate hearing in March, Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), admitted that a co-op in Iowa and Nebraska, called CoOportunity, should have been shut down before it entered 2015. The co-op ended up failing shortly into the year.

ObamaCare is sending everyone to the poor house. Now companies must pay by age, no more herd pricing. If you’re an older worker looking for work and your insurance costs 70% more, then the younger guy guesses who gets the job.

Maybe if the CEO’s and shareholders, HMO’s and Drug companies are all taking all the cream off your hard earned health care premiums. It is a “For Profit” system. The people make money off you when you get sick! The politicians feed you a load of bad information because they need the donations from these billionaires.

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