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BREAKING! Obama’s AG Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban – Gets FIRED!

Donald Trump’s travel ban faced criticism from liberals both in media and in government.

(Formally) acting Attorney General Sally Yates had instructed the Department of Justice not to enforce Trump’s executive order, sending a letter in which she expressed doubt on whether or not it was even lawful.

Trump blasted the letter, drawing attention to the fact that Yates is an Obama appointee.

Yates is only the acting AG until/if Trump’s nominee Jeff Sessions takes over the position – but Dana Boente will now have to fill the gap, because Yates just heard two words that are all too familiar to the past contestants on The Apprentice: you’re fired.

The following White House statement was sent out announcing and explaining her termination. In their words, she has “betrayed” the DOJ.

Good riddance to her. This isn’t the Obama administration, where you get to pick and choose which laws you want to follow.

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