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Obama’s Anti-Bullying Czar Harshly BULLIES Dr. Ben Carson! (AWFUL)



If you don’t know who Dan Savage is, consider yourself lucky. He writes a weekly, disgusting sex column for many of those free newspapers distributed in larger cities. And his words are often crude.

Here is his ridiculous biography:

Savage can also lay claim to being the only person at The Stranger to have actually converted his sexuality into a profession. Of the 100-120 days he works in a given calendar year, Savage dedicates fully 90 of them to psychologically abusing his staff by rewriting articles without telling them, assigning huge pieces at the last minute, and questioning their dedication to the paper, their intellect, and indeed, their sexuality. He has a boyfriend and a child. He is also wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice and cheats at racketball.

Also, President Barack Obama, in a very un-classy move, appointed this guy to be the “anti-bullying advocate.”

Now that Dr. Ben Carson, a likely presidential candidate, has earned national headlines for his traditional Christian views on homosexuality, Savage is doing some bullying of his own (NSFW):

Dear Dr. Carson,

If being gay is a choice, prove it. Choose it. Choose to be gay yourself. Show America how that’s done, Ben, show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my ***. Name the time and the place and I’ll bring my **** and a camera crew and you can ***** and win the argument.

Very sincerely yours,

Dan Savage

If you agree with Carson’s views on gay people or not, this is hardly respectful dialogue. He isn’t a role model, and shouldn’t have been appointed to such a role.

Do you think Dan Savage owes Ben Carson an apology? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think!



  1. Dean says:

    The truth, which is all Dan Savage speaks, hurts, doesn’t it?

  2. Debbie says:

    First of all he needs his mouth washed out. That is no way to speak to anyone. I believe he owes Dr. Carson an apology and I believe he needs to be FIRED! An anti-bullying advocate? Why a JOKE! He IS A BULLY! We all make “choices” in this life. Everything we do or say is a choice, like it or not. Whether we choose to have sex with the same sex or the opposite sex, it is a CHOICE that we deliberately make.

  3. John says:

    Bullying or not. Savage does have a point. Perhaps he could have toned it down, however.