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Obama’s Department Of Energy Just Launched This Attack On Our Holiday


The Obama administration continues its assault on fun. This time, the target is Halloween.

Most kids want to trick-or-treat in costumes of their favorite super heroes or cartoons, but the federal government thinks we should be promoting President Obama’s radical political agenda instead of having fun. Your federal tax dollars are being used by the Department of Energy to push green energy costumes and jack-o-lanterns this Halloween.


Federal employees were actually paid to design graphics and then market costumes. Apparently Obama administration employees will dress as solar panels, wind turbines, and particle accelerators this Halloween.

Because, they would never push anything on us that they aren’t doing themselves, right?

The creepiest costume is the one that promotes the Iran Deal. Because nothing screams scary like the President of the United States green lighting nukes for people who want to kill us. But the Department of Energy is so deprived of common sense they actually think this is a good way to promote the Iran Deal.

You can do this by dressing up yourself or your children as Ernest Moniz, Ph.D., “the nuclear physics-loving, Iran Deal-explaining, classically coiffed Secretary of Energy.”


All of this left wing agenda Halloween “fun”makes me want to dress up as a coal plant or a factory for Halloween.

What do think President and Michelle Obama will be for Halloween? Please comment below.

H/T: Daily Caller


Comments on “Obama’s Department Of Energy Just Launched This Attack On Our Holiday”

  1. Caitlin says:

    I am going to be anything I want to be for halloween nobody can tell me what to be