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Obama’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Video Puts Him on Hot Seat With America While Baltimore Riots Raged Forty Minutes Away

The headlines in the video montage below say “Obama trolls, talks trash with purpose” and “Barack Obama is Out of Fu**s.” This was viewed by the participants at the White House Correspondence Dinner this past Saturday night and was received with great laughter while the Freddie Gray riots raged forty minutes away in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore riots

A peaceful protest has turned into a violent, physical show of strength from citizens who acted out due to the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died in police custody. Questions continue to loom about how this young man died and the city, on edge for a few days at first, has now erupted with violent demonstrations of disrespect for city property and attacks on innocent bystanders.

But that didn’t stop Barack Obama from airing the video below and as you will see, the disconnect between Washington, DC and America is deafening.

Other than the context of what was shown at this dinner, I think this video from Obama and his team was HIGHLY inappropriate and VERY BENEATH that office. Sadly it seems the office of president has become a low-life joke.

We expect this type of disrespectful attitude from the Obamas but what disturbs me most is that so many people in Washington (that are supposed to love America and respect what our constitution is supposed to stand for) sat there and blatantly took part in disrespecting it all. This should make all Americans disgusted (even the democrat ones.) This administration and direction of the country is the consequence of voters’ actions. When you lose moral ground you lose, period. Until we get term limits in place, all politicians will act within their best interests, not the nation’s. I am so disgusted with what our leaders have done and the people in this country that have allowed it all these years (that includes the Clinton years!) Check out what other Americans had to say about this video:



If we don’t turn this ship around in a hurry we will be a modern-day Titanic with fewer survivors.

The old comedy team of Amos and Andy would make a better team than Obama and Biden! I pray we may someday be worthy of having a leader that cleans up DC and makes it somewhat decent.

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