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Obama’s Intel Chief Just Gave Presidential Campaigns AWFUL News!


I never trusted any agency under the Obama Administration so the this news released today doesn’t shock me, but it does anger me in a huge way. You see, our government is supposed to protect us from this stuff. These legislators are not supposed to be creating social programs to make Americans dependent on their every speech and food stamp printed.

They are supposed to provide for the common defense, protect the nation and stay out of our business. How does cyber intelligence from other countries get into our Presidential candidate process? How does that happen? Who is asleep at the switch? Who should be fired. Where is the personal responsibility and check and balances to make sure this nation is covered from such threats?

This is unbelievable and uncalled for! If I were in charge, I would make it the first order or business to make sure this never happened again and I would tell the American people where the problem is and place the blame on the person(s) that caused it before firing them.

From USAToday:

Another presidential cycle, more foreign hackers spying on U.S. presidential candidates.

At least that’s according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who said Wednesday that hackers are watching the people running for the White House.

“We’re aware that campaigns and related organizations and individuals are targeted by actors with a variety of motivations — from philosophical differences to espionage — and capabilities — from defacements to intrusions. We defer to FBI for specific incidents,” Office of the Director of National Intelligence Public Affairs Director Brian P. Hale said in a statement emailed to USA TODAY.

Clapper, speaking at an event at the Bipartisan Policy Center Wednesday, said they’ve already seen “some indications” of spying, according to the Washington Post.

Clapper said that the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are working with the campaigns to educate them about the threats, but that he didn’t expect things to get better.

“I anticipate as the campaigns intensify, we’ll probably have more of those (attempts),” he said.

In 2008 Chinese hackers got into the computer networks of then-Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, according to NBC. In 2012, President Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney were also reportedly subjected to attempted attacks.

I am not happy that our government officials play with our lives each and every day. Most of you, if not all, are struggling in your lives to make sure your family eats and has a roof over their head.

Don’t you expect better from our government officials? Don’t you want them to do their jobs so you aren’t stressing out over something else added to your daily schedule of stressing out?

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