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Obama’s Newest Executive Order Abuse Goes Beyond Intrusive! You’ve Been Warned!

executive order

President Obama issued yet another executive order on Tuesday, and this might be his most twisted one yet.

It directs federal agencies to incorporate behavioral and social science into their policies, giving federal employees and citizens a “nudge” to make better decisions by simplifying forms, sending reminders, or re-framing their choices.

According to WND, the executive order stipulates:

“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights – research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them – can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people,” Obama wrote in the executive order.

“[T]o more fully realize the benefits of behavioral insights and deliver better results at a lower cost for the American people, the federal government should design its policies and programs to reflect our best understanding of how people engage with, participate in, use, and respond to those policies and programs,” Obama continued.

If this doesn’t convince you that liberal elitist in government and academia want to propagandize, brainwash, and control the American public to act the way they want you to, live your life the way they want you to live your life, to be under their control like sheep, then there isn’t any hope for you.

Maybe Obama should examine how his own style of public communication solidifies and entrenches the opposition. By the way, the nudge has been used in the private sector by internet websites quite successfully.

This is clearly yet another attempt for Obama to micromanage Americans and control everything we do. When will this madness end?

What do you think about this executive order? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

H/T – WND, Whitehouse.gov



  1. Roy says:

    So what he is saying he don’t have a problem only we do, so if he thinks that he is going to send somebody to fine out what my problem is they better fine out what his is before they come looking for me.

  2. David says:

    This is a meaningless EO about which we should NOT be concerned. It is too vague to be a problem by itself. We should save our worry and energy for the things that really matter.

  3. Phillip says:

    The White Supremacy America has been dictating and influencing the thoughts of Every day America’s for centuries and the right didn’t complain…

  4. Malissa says:

    OBAMA IS AN IDIOT if he thinks that Americans are going to stand by and let him or anyone dictate their life! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!