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Obama’s Not Going to Like This Cartoon But It’s True!


See any scary costumes this past Halloween?

I saw a few terrifying clown and zombie costumes while spending my Halloween in New York City – but that was hardly the scariest thing I had seen around that time. Just days prior, it was announced that there would be an average increase in insurance premiums resulting from ObamaCare that would take effect in 2017.

When those insured through ObamaCare got that news – The costume below would have spooked them out a lot more….


While candidate Barack Obama promised that his healthcare plan would save the average household $2,500, this year, according to the Heritage Foundation, “the average premium for an employment-based insurance plan will be about $6,400 for single coverage and about $15,500 for family coverage.”

Yeah – Obama’s promise didn’t exactly play out…


It’s with that news I’ll remind you that Hillary Clinton once bragged that “ObamaCare was originally HillaryCare.” She promises that her Presidency would be a continuation of Barack Obama’s – now THAT’S scary!

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H/T Reddit